• Adam Fullerton

    Data-Driven, User-Centric Product Management


    With a rich background in Analytics, Business Development, and Lean, I embrace my passion for developing products that will evolve the digital landscape, and build successful companies. I think critically, GSD, and will never be afraid to fail.


    I also love: maps, snow, never-ending conversations, public transit, cultural differences, human similarities, and that which you can feel but will never understand. 




    Data-Driven Product Management for the Internet

    Machine Zone

    Manager, Product Management

    Senior Product Manager



    Senior Product Manager


    Visible Measures

    Product Manager, Programmatic

    Product Specialist, Platforms

    Senior Digital Analyst


    Lean Startup Challenge

    Contest Organizer, Judge, Advisor


    Union Street Media

    Account Manager & SEM Consultant 




    Ilya Kaplun

    Chief Technology Officer at Firecracker

    Adam had to work with the engineering, ad operations, and analyst teams, as well as numerous vendors. He was very diligent coordinating the massive effort, and was a big reason for the successful deployment and operation of VMCs programmatic advertising platform.

    On a personal level, Adam is fun to work with, has lots of good insights, and is great at taking feedback. He'd be a very positive addition to any product management team.

    Andy Vota

    Director, Strategic Technology Services

    Adam is smart, hardworking, solution-oriented, and driven.

    Krishna Kannan

    VP Product at Smarterer

    Adam is particularly good at connecting with a variety of audiences - including the buyers and the users of a product - and simplifying complex ideas down to just what's important to them. Adam also does a great job distilling customer feedback into key requirements and working with teams to execute.

    Gahlord Dewald


    Fullerton quickly grasped the importance web traffic analysis and how to use data to inform decision-making processes. His enthusiasm for data-driven marketing combined with his armor-plated sales attitude will improve any organization which employs him.

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